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Wedding Preparation

Are you preparing for your dream wedding?  The wedding you have been thinking
and dreaming about since you were young?  You've already picked out your dream
venue, dream cake, dream food, and music.  But haven't you forgot one of the most
important things?

Your guests deserve to be entertained, not just fed.  Why not give your invited
guests a show to thank them for taking the time out of their lives to celebrate your
marriage with your one and only?

At Preciados Dance Studios we want to help you to put together a great show for
your guests.  We start with having you choose a song that speaks to you, about you
and your loved one.  We then take that music, and cut out all of the filler, so that only
the exciting and interesting parts remain.  We then put together a dance routine for
the proper dance based on the timing in your music. 

We will have a beautiful entrance onto your dance floor, a great middle and ending. 
The routine will be based around the style, feel, and story of the music you choose. 
For your guests it will be as if they are watching a mini-movie set to music.

Think of the memories you will be able to experience over and over again,
everytime you play your wedding dance back on your DVD player.  Not to mention
the great memories you will give to your guests whenever they remember how
memorable and entertaining your wedding dance was to watch.

If you are ready to start creating your own personal dance show, then give us a call. 
You and your guests will be glad that you did.