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Single People Dancing

Men: Are you the type of guy that has always wondered what it would be like to
walk into a room, ask any lady to dance, and then show her off on the dance floor to
the amazement and delight of her friends.  And afterwords, having every woman
want to dance with you, and every man want to be you?

Women:  Have you ever dreamed about being asked to dance by a gentleman,
and be carried away in the excitement of being able to dance with this gentleman as
one person.  Feeling each others movements, and knowing exactly what the man
wants you to do on the dance floor, with grace, beauty and confidence?

Well, dream no more!  We understand what it is like to have those dreams as well. 
Everyone that works at Preciado's Dance Studios started as students, and for the
same reason.  We know how to take students and make them into the dancers that
they always knew they could be.

As a single person, there is no need to wait until you have someone to dance with. 
At our dance studio, you will be partnered up with one of our professional dance
instructors to be your private dance partner.  In this way, they can dedicate all of
their time to making you look the best.  

In fact, one of the benefits of dancing without a partner, is that the whole lesson will
be dedicated to teaching you what you need to know to look natural, graceful, and