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How To Get Started!

Every student has different goals, objectives, dreams, abilities, and deadlines.  It is
ridiculous to think that with so much diversity, that a "one size fits all" approach to
dance instruction will make students happy, not to mention giving them what they
need to become successful at partner dancing.

This is why we have new students begin with a Partner Dance Introduction.  In this
way we will introduce students to the reality of what partner dancing is.  We will
instruct the men in the proper way to lead a woman.  We will instruct the woman in
the proper way to follow a man.  We will also introduce the correct way to
understand music, and what part of the music will tell the student when to move.  We
will also introduce the student in how to identify what dance style will work with each
song, based on the proper timing of the music.  Finally, we will show students how to
put all of these concepts together, and see how many dances we can have the
students dancing at the end of the introduction.

We will then sit down with our students and work out a dance program.  This
program will be based around how well they did in the introduction, how good of a
dancer the student wishes to become, and any deadlines in which the student
needs to be proficient by.  We will then work out a payment schedule that will fit into
the students budget and time.  But most importantly, once the student is done with
their individualized dance program, they will be the kind of dancer they always
dreamed of becoming.
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