1)  Elegance Shoes are shoes that are made in the USA. For us that is one of the most
important aspects of any business. Our studio proudly supports companies and products
that are made in the USA.

2)  The shoe sizes come in American sizes. The problem with other manufacturers is
that they are made in Europe or China. And for that reason their sizes come in
centimeters instead of feet. The conversion is always a hassle, plus when you convert the
size, it never fits properly.

3)  Long shipping delays, and costly customs charges. Because the shoes come
from somewhere else, you usually have to wait a long time for the shoes to arrive mail
order, and if you aren't satisfied, have to wait a long time to ship them back and get a new
pair. These shoes are made here, and for that reason you have the option of coming to
our studio to try out shoes before you purcahse them, or if you do purchase mail order
thru the website, then you can expect a fast shipping and arrival, and quick turn around
should anything happen.

4)  These shoes can be customized with a large variety of colors, materials, heel
heights etc. No other shoe company that I have found can customize a shoe like this. If
you like a particular style that fits your feet, but want a different color, material or heel
height, then we can make a special order shoe with your specifications to the shoe that
you already know fits your feet perfectly and comfortably.

5)  Special Orders: If you'd like to order a shoe that is not standard material.
You may order a "Special Order" shoe, by first choosing the basic style you would like,
then the options from the "Special Order Options" at the bottom of the page.