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Couples Dancing

Are you looking for a new, exciting, romantic hobby that you can do together with
someone special?  Has your relationship fallen into a rut?  Does your definition of a
romantic night out, is going to see a movie?

Imagine being able to go with your special someone on a truly romantic night out. 
Imagine going to a nice romantic restaurant, with a great live band playing your
favorite music.  Imagine that during and after your dinner, you are able to connect
with your date in a way that few others do.  Going on the dance floor, and moving to
the rhythm of the music as one.  As you lead and follow each other's bodies in a
language that doesn't require words.  Imagine being surrounded by other like
minded and skilled couples, enjoying the atmosphere, music, food and fun.

At Preciados Dance Studios we understand what it's like to want to share
something special with someone.  Being able to communicate intimately with
someone, without using words.  We know how to make it easy and fun for both men
and women to learn how to become great dancers.

Dancing isn't about memorizing a steps and patterns.  It's about understanding the
language of partner dancing.  So that the man knows how to tell the woman what he
wants her to do on the dance floor.  While the woman can take the lead and
embellish it with enough style and flare to make everyone take notice.

If you are ready for the best, most romantic dates you will ever have, then come and
join us!