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About Us

Preciado's Ballroom Dance Studios started as a dream from our founder "Eusebio
Preciado".  Growing up and being raised by a single mother and grandmother.  He
never really had any self confidence and was very shy.  As an adult, he became tired
of having inadequate social skills, being shy, and having no self confidence.  As any
student, he started taking dance instruction in order to become self confident and
be able to be social. 

After a few years of instruction, and getting involved in dance showcases,
competitions and many many social events.  He realized the benefits and change
that partner dancing had made in his life.  Always thristing for more knowledge, he
plunged himself into becoming a dance instructor.  Plunging into getting his dance
certification from the NDCA (National Dance Council of America), he became
successful as a dance instructor, mentor and competitor.  Living in the Santa Clarita
Valley, and knowing that partner dance schools were no where to be found in this
area.  He decided to open up his dance studio in 2001.  Preciado's Studios
introduced and opened up their yearly Studio Showcase to the public at the Hyatt
Santa Clarita (a long time before Dancing With Our Stars). 

In fact, Preciado's Studios has been the leader in partner dancing in the Santa
Clarita Valley, that every teacher that teaches partner dancing anywhere in the
Santa Clarita Valley was once a student at Preciado's Ballroom Studios.  This is a
fact.  This is proof as to how successful and knowledgable we are at training
students for more than 10+ years, and still going strong. 

That's why you should not settle for "imitators", but should come to the "innovators"!